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contemporary oxidised silver brooch uk

A one of a kind handmade silver brooch inspired by walks in my local area. Urban textures and leafy details always capture my eye and I have represented the textural details I love so much in this solid silver hanging brooch.


The brooch has been hand fabricated using stamps and textures to create the leafy details and patterns which I find so captivating. I love walking, whether in the city or the countryside and find there are elements of beauty everywhere. My local area of Carrington has delightfully textural Victorian bricks and established gardens with plants like clematis and ivy tumbling over garden walls. I have strived to capture these details in my jewellery collections. 


The brooch measures approx 5 x 4.5cm and is made from recycled sterling silver. The silver has been oxidised to give a black surface patina, which has then been sanded back to reveal the textures and details. 


Sent in a bespoke Helen Shere Design grey gift box.

Carrington Brooch

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